Overview of the test

This test has two parts:

(1) First, the Event Reporter identifies the SOLE events that it supports.  This helps your Connectathon test partners and the Connectathon monitors understand the capabilities of your system.

(2)  Then, you will use the Gazelle EVSClient tool to test the content of the event record(s) you create against the DICOM schema & SOLE Event Requirements. This tool does not test the transport of the event record.

(1) Identify your SOLE Event Reports

  • We use a google doc to collect this information from all SOLE Event Reporters.  Click HERE to open it.
  • The rows in the table list the Baseline SOLE events from the SOLE Profile, Vol 3, Table 6.3.2-1.
  • The columns hold information for each Connectathon test system.  Column C is an example
  • In the next available column, add your company and test system name, then mark the Events you support with an 'X'.

(2) Test your SOLE Event Reports

First access the Gazelle EVSClient tool: https://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient/home.seam

  • Log in to the tool:  There are separate CAS systems for European and North American Connectathons.  The European CAS is linked to http://gazelle.ihe.net/EU-CAT/ and the North American CAS is linked to http://ihe.wustl.edu/gazelle-na/.   You will use your username & password from Gazelle for either the European or NA Connectathon:
  • On the tool home page, find the "Login" link at the upper right of the page.  
  • Select either "European Authentication" or "North American Authentication"
  • Enter the username and password from either the European or North American instances of gazelle linked above

Perform the validation:

  1. In the Gazelle EVSClient, select menu IHE-->Audit messages-->Validate
  2. Select the Add button, and upload the XML file for your event report
  3. From the Model based validation dropdown list, select the entry that matches the event, eg "IHE - RAD - SOLE101 - Order Filled"
  4. Select the Validate button.  
  5. You should validate at least 3 event records; of course, we encourage you to do more.
  6. In the Validation Results displayed, find the Permanent Link to the results.  Copy/paste the link(s) into the chat window in Gazelle Test Management for pre-Connectathon test 'EVS_SOLE_Event_Report_Check', and change the status of the test to "Verified by vendor".


The tool reports the results of the validation of your messages.  We are looking for PASSED validation results.