This tests the request in the RAD-55 transaction in the XDS-I.b profile

In XDS-I, the Imaging Document Consumer is required to support one or more of RAD-55, RAD-68 or RAD-16 (or other C-MOVE).

  • If your Imaging Document Consumer does not support RAD-55, you should skip this test.

The aim of this test is to verify that the Imaging Document Consumer is able to create a valid WADO request (the list of parameters is well specified, there are no inconsistency between them, etc). To do so, we use a WADO validator of the request from EVSClient tool.

In this test we do not verify that the request was well treated, or not, by the server side.


  • From the EVS Client user interface, select menu IHE-->DICOMWeb-->Validate
  • Paste/upload your request, select the correct validator, and Validate. (Yes you can use any WADO back-end and any data set, to create your request ), please refer to this documentation of EVSClient WADO validation.


  • The EVS Client creates a Permanent link to your results
  • For this pre-Connectathon test in gazelle, paste the Permanent links to your results into the comment field, instead of uploading a log file.
  • Change the status of the test to Verified by vendor