EYECARE-23 is XML for Refractive Measurement (no Pat ID)

EYECARE-24 is XML for Refrative Measurement (valid Pat ID)

In this test, we ask you to provide a sample message produced by your system, and we will validate your message by manual evaluation using the requirements in the Eye Care Technical Framework and in the JOIA 1.5 specification.

This is the same evaluation we will perform during the Connectathon.  This test enables you to prepare in advance.

  1. Capture an the XML message as produced by your system.  Create an XML file containing the contents of that message.
  2. In Gazelle,select menu Connectathon-->List of samples
  3. On the "systems" dropdown list, select your system name
  4. On the "Samples to share" tab, find the entry for "EYECARE-23" or "EYECARE-24" as applicable
  5. Upload the file containing your HL7 message.  If you need help managing samples, refer to this help page.

Finally, update the status of this pre-Connectathon test in gazelle to signal that your message is ready for evaluation:

  1. In Gazelle, select menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing 
  2. Find the entry for this test instance, and change the status to "Verified by Vendor"
We examine your message using the same evalution defined in the Connectathon test for this message:
1. in Gazelle, select menu Connectathon-->Connectathon.
2. Find test "EYECARE-23-24_Scrutiny"
3. In the Evaluation section of that test, you will find the content that we will look for in your XML.