Prior to the Connectathon, it is very beneficial for participants to have access to sample DICOM objects, HL7 messages,CDA documents, etc produced by their test partners' applications.  We use Gazelle as an intermediary to exchange samples.  In Gazelle, a "sample" is any object or message that an application creates and is used by another application.

This table lists samples from IHE Eye Care domain profiles U-EYECARE, GEE, and EC-Summary.  Beneath the table are instructions for Creators to upload samples into Gazelle prior to the Connectathon, and instructions for Consumers who want to download samples to test in advance of Connectathon.  Note that due to the size of some DICOM objects, we have separate instructions for exchange of DICOM samples.

The deadline for sharing samples is typically 2-3 weeks prior to the Connectathon.  The due date will be announced by the Technical Project Manager.

Sample  Type Creator(s) Comsumer(s)
EYECARE-15 Patient Registration ADT^A04 Pat Registration Src Pat Registration Cons, DSS/OF in Model I & III
EYECARE-16 Appt Scheduling SIU^S* Appt Scheduler Appt Consumer
EYECARE-17 Charge Posting DFT^P03 DSS/OF w/ Chg Posting option Chg Processor
EYECARE-19 Pat Demog Update ADT^A08  DSS/OF in Model I & III Img Mgr in Model I & III
EYECARE-20 Merge Pat IDs ADT^A40 Pat Registration Src w/ Merging option Pat Reg Cons, DSS/OF, Img Mrg w/ Merging option
EYECARE-21 Procedure Scheduling OMG^O19 DSS/OF in Model I & III   Img Mgr in Model I & III 
EYECARE-22 Procedure Status Upd OMG^O19 Img Mgr w/ Proc Status Upd HL7 option DSS/OF w/ Proc Status Upd HL7 option
EYECARE-23 Refractive Meas (no PatID) XML Refractive Measurement Source (RMS) Refractive Measurement Consumer (RMC)
EYECARE-24 Refractive Meas (valid PatID) XML RMSI, RMS w/ Pat Device List option RMC w/ Pat Device List option 
GEE Document CDA Content Creator Content Consumer
EC Summary Document CDA Content Creator Content Consumer


Instructions for Creators

  1. Capture the sample content as produced by your system.  Create a file containing the contents of that message.
  2. In Gazelle,select menu Connectathon-->Connectathon-->List of samples
  3. On the "systems" dropdown list, select your system name
  4. On the "Samples to share" tab, find the entry for your sample, matching Column 1 above
  5. Upload the file containing your sample.  You may refer to this help page if you have never used Gazelle to upload samples

Instructions for Consumers

  1. In Gazelle,select menu Connectathon-->Connectathon-->List of samples
  2. On the "systems" dropdown list, select your system name
  3. On the "Samples available for rendering" tab, you will see an entry for each sample type for which you are a Consumer.
  4. The contents of this tab changes over time, as Creators upload samples.  Entries with a "+" sign contain samples from Creators. 
  5. Download available samples.  You may refer to this help page if you have never downloaded samples from Gazelle.

Finally, for both Creators & Consumers

  1. In Gazelle, select menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing 
  2. Find the entry for this test instance, and change the status to "Verified by Vendor".  This is a signal to the Technical Manager that you have completed this task.