FHIR Test Tools Used at IHE Connectathons


Connectathon tests may require you to use a software tool to perform a function (find a resource, validate a resource, ...). The test description should specify the tool to use.

Please follow that advise so that you use the correct tool for the specified task. This page lists the tools and how they are used. Test writers are aware that other software tools exist. We have selected these tools and will rely on them for test consistency.


HAPI FHIR Read / Write Server

Tool Name in Real Life: HAPI FHIR Server

Developer: James Agnew / University Health Network

Source Code: https://github.com/jamesagnew/hapi-fhir

Connectathon Customizations:

  • Structure Definitions loaded into R4 server to support validation
  • Known resources loaded into R4 server to be referenced by any system under test
  • Configuration for participant FHIR servers loaded into web UI

Used For:

  • Sending queries (search, retrieve, ....) to a participant server
  • Validating a resource with or without Structure Definitions
  • Storing known resources fined by domain managers
  • Storing resources posted by participants

Specific Profiles Supported

  • ITI / PAM
  • ITI / mCSD

More details are found here

NIST Asbestos

Tool Name in Real Life: NIST Asbestos

Developer: Bill Majurski / NIST

Source Code: https://github.com/usnistgov/asbestos

Connectathon Customizations:

Used For:

  • General, not MHD specific

Specific Profiles Supported

  • ITI / MHD


Tool Name in Real Life: WUSTL RESTful CLI

Developer: Steve Moore / Washington University in St. Louis

Source Code: https://github.com/IHE-Tools/WUSTL_RESTful_CLI

Connectathon Customizations:

  • None

Used For:

  • Sending scripted requests to a FHIR server and comparing content of response to expected content
  • Comparing content of Death Record Documents to expected content
  • Not FHIR, but sending QIDO and WADO requests to DICOM servers and comparing results to expected content
  • Not used to validate structure of FHIR resources; other tools perform those functions

Specific Profiles Supported

  • PCC / QEDm
  • Radiology /

Mitre Canary

Specific Profiles Supported