Gazelle Monitor Application Installation

This page describe how to install the Gazelle Monitor Application.


The Gazelle Monitor Application is a very simple application with no database that we deploy on a tomcat application server.

  • Tomcat application server 6.X
    • tested on apache-tomcat-6.0.26


  • Get the current war file from the following link :
  • Uncompress the war and edit the content of the file WEB-INF/web.xml. You need to change the target of the param monitor-wsdl-location to match your instance of Gazelle Test Management.
  • Recreate the war file
  • Install and start tomcat application server
  • Copy war file in the webapp directory of your tomcat installation. The application should then deploy. Make sure that you are able to access the application using a web browser. The application is reachable at a url that looks like: http://name.of.server:8080/GazelleMonitorApp
  • Optional Step : if you are using an apache front-end configure it to redirect URL to the GazelleMonitorApp.

Configuration of Gazelle Test Management

You now need to configure Gazelle Test Management to indicate the URL of the MonitorApplication. For this purpose you need to update the following entry in the database

{syntaxhighlighter brush: sql;fontsize: 100; first-line: 1; }UPDATE cmn_application_preference set preference_value = 'http://name.of.server:8080/GazelleMonitorApp' where preference_name = 'gazelle_monitor_app_url';{/syntaxhighlighter}
  • Login into Gazelle Test Management with admin rights
  • Make sure that you have some users that are monitors and that they have tests to be verified.
  • For security reason, the MonitorApplication will not work outside of the Connectathon period. So make sure that if you want to validate a test on a session, then the connectathon should be started by configuring the session.

That's it. Now if you'd like to know more about the application itself you should read the documentation of the Monitor Application.