Generating a contract in Gazelle

Introduction to contract generation

The Gazelle Test Management tool is used to generate a contract for some testing sessions.  

The contract includes the information you have entered into gazelle during the registration process:  

  • Organization details
  • Contacts in your organization - financial, marketing, and technical
  • One or more systems to be tested and several contacts .

If any of these is missing, Gazelle will not let you generate a contract.

To generate your contract

A gazelle user with "vendor_admin" privileges is able to generate a contract.  Select Gazelle menu Registration --> Financial Summary

First Level Registration Errors

This section contains common error messages that occur when generating a contract. The error messages in red are generated by Gazelle. The numbers in ( ) are pasted onto the screen capture and refer to notes below the figure.

  1. The mailing address is missing for the company 
    1. This is for general correspondence with your company. 
    2. Select Registration -> Manage company information
    3. Under Mailing address, add an address for your company. This is on the right half of the form. Select Click here to add a new address. If you already have entered an address but you were presented with the error message, you need the next step that associates the address as your company mailing address. This first step adds an address to our database, but does not make it your mailing address.
    4. The address that you entered is presented in a table with the rightmost column an action column. If you have added a second address, you will see a table with two lines. To associate an address as your mailing address, click on the Select link in the appropriate row.
    5. You will now see the address copied from the right part of the form to the left side of the form, including the country flag. Scroll down and select Save. That should get rid of error (1).
  2. Missing address for Financial Contact
    1. This address is for the person in your organization responsible for processing our requests for payment.
    2. Select Registration -> Manage company information 
    3. Scroll down to the Billing address section. Add an address on the right side of the form; Select Click here to add a new address. 
      • i) You might already have an address for your company that is the same for thisperson. Great; skip down to iii.
      • ii) If you don’t have an address registered for this financial contact or the address of the financial contact differs from the main address, add it now.
      • iii) In the table of addresses on the right side of the form, under the Billing address section, click on the Select link in the appropriate row.
      • iv) You will now see the address copied from the right part of the form to the left side of the form.
    4.  Scroll down and select the Save button.
  3. Missing Technical Contacts
    1. We need to verify that there are one or more staff members in your organization we can contact for testing and other technical details.
    2. Select Registration -> Manage contacts 
    3. You will see a table of contact points in your organization. That table might be empty or already have members. You can add a contact person with the Add a contact button in the upper right corner. For this error (Missing Technical Contacts), make sure you select the checkbox for Technical.
    4. If the Technical Contact was already listed in the table but is not indicated as a Technical Contact in the Professional functions column, edit the row for that person (right most column of the table, edit button). Select the checkbox for Technical and do not forget to hit Save. 
    5. We require at least one contact entered in the system for the generation of the contract. You are welcome to enter more technical contacts. This will be useful for organizations that have multiple systems, each with a separate technical contact. 
    6. If you are bringing one system and three engineers, please enter one candidate as your technical contact. That person would be able to answer most technical questions or delegate to someone else. Please do not enter a person who is merely going to contact your engineers and pass along the questions.
  4. Missing Marketing Contacts 
    1. We need to verify that there are one or more staff members we can contact if we have marketing questions (is there a logo we can use in documentation? What is the exact name to use for your company?). 
    2. Refer to (3) above. Rather than selecting the checkbox for Technical, select the checkbox for Marketing/Commercial. 
    3. The same person can fill the roles for Billing, Technical and Marketing/Commercial. We split them out for those organizations that have separate duties. 
  5. Missing System Information 
    1. If there is missing system information, you have registered zero systems for testing. The purpose of the contract is to explicitly list what you will test and include a computation for fees. You will need to register the system or systems you wish to test and all profile/actor pairs to be tested. 
    2. Select Registration -> Manage systems 
    3. Enter one or more systems. 
      1. Make sure you save the systems. 
      2. Make sure you select the Profile/Actors tab and enter what you want to test. Check for missing dependencies (ATNA requires CT). 
      3. Fill in information if you plan to participate in a Showcase/Demonstration 
  6. Missing Domain Information
    1. This means you have either entered zero systems, or you have entered systems but included no profile/actor pairs.
    2. Refer back to (5) for details.

Second Level Errors: Dependencies

Many IHE Integration Profiles have dependencies defined in the documentation. One example is that an ATNA Secure Node is always required to implement the Time Client actor in the Consistent Time profile. When you enter registration information, there is a button available to you labeled Check for Missing Dependencies. Rather than automatically register you, the system gives you this button to let you check when you feel it is appropriate. A box will pop up, list the missing dependencies, and give you the option to click a link to add them on the spot.

When you return to the financial page, one section will list all of your registered systems. The grid will give the system name, domains tested and fee information. One column will also indicate if all dependencies have been resolved. A green icon indicates sufficient registration; a red icon means that a dependency needs to be satisfied.

You cannot generate a contract if there are dependencies to be resolved, so you need to return to the page for managing systems.

  1. The rules defining dependencies are written in the Technical Frameworks. We transcribe those rules into Gazelle.
  2. The rules defining dependencies do not identify all combinations that you will find important. For example, the XDS.b profile requires the Document Source and Document Consumer to obtain a consistent patient identifier for an Affinity Domain but does not specify the mechanism. We support that with the PIX and PDQ profiles for Connectathon testing, but do not require that. Participants fail to register for PIX or PDQ and are then surprised to realize they do not have a mechanism to obtain the patient identifier in the Affinity Domain.