History of Connectathons

In North America

From January 2011, IHE USA is using Gazelle Test Management to manage the connectathons.

In Europe

In Europe, the connectathon is an opportunity for the promotion of IHE in the hosting country. For more than 10 years now, we have moved around Europe, promoting IHE through the connectathon. The following list presents the history of the connectathon events in Europe.

  • 2001 : Charenton-le-pont in Paris suburb
    • First European Event. 18 systems from 13 companies with the objective to prepare demonstration of the SWF, PIR, KIN  and CPI profiles at the Journées Françaises de Radiologie (JFR)
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  • 2002 : Villejuif in Paris suburb
    • Italy and Germany joined the second european event raising the number of systems to over 50. The embryo of Kudu was created. A few postgresql tables and some PHP pages to manage the testing.
    • Photo Gallery
  • 2003 : Aachen, Germany
    • First time we had a social event ! Thanks to Berthold Wein who organized the entire event, we have been able to discover Aachen, a city that use to be the European Capital at the time of Charlemagne
    • Photo Gallery
  • 2004 : Padova, Italy
    • First time we have tested IT-infrastructure profiles. Great pasta
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  • 2005 : Noordwijkerhoud, The Netherlands
    • The connectathon took place the week before the 1st HL7 meeting in Europe. We were in the Tulip region, just on time... the flowers were all cut before the HL7 meeting began. We were very lucky.
    • Photo Gallery
  • 2006 : Barcelona, Spain
  • 2007 : Berlin, Germany
  • 2008 : Oxford, UK
    • Snow in Oxford on the sunday. The event took place in a big tent on Saint Catherine college campus. When we turned the coffee machine on, the power went down...
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  • 2009 : Vienna, Austria
    • Part of the event was managed using Gazelle
    • The event took place in the Remise. Very nice room decoration.
    • Photo Gallery
  • 2010 : Bordeaux, France
    • The 10th European Connectathon. A cake and good wines...
    • First event entirely managed by Gazelle
    • Photo Gallery
  • 2011 : Pisa, Italy
    • epSOS Projectathon in parallel to the Connectahon
    • Access to the internet through a wimax antenna... Challenging !
    • 4th event managed by Gazelle: need to improve the performance of Gazelle as it does not support the load.
    • Photo Gallery
  • 2012 : Bern, Switzerland
    • epSOS Projectathon in parallel to the Connectahon
    • 6th event managed by Gazelle: Huge improvement in the performance. Use of the proxy and of the OrderManager

Next event:

  • 2014: Vienna, Austria

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In Korea

  • 2012: Daegu
    • IHE Korea has used Gazelle.

In Japan

  • 2012 : Tokyo
    • IHE Japan has used Gazelle.