HMW Simulator

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The HMW Simulator emulates the actors involved in the Hospital Medication Workflow (HMW) integration profile. The simulator can be used to simulate the missing partner when testing that profiles :

Integration ProfileActorOption
HMW Prescription Placer  Advance Prescription Notification
HMW Pharmaceutical Adviser  Validated Order Confirmation
HMW Medication Dispenser  Advance Prescription Notification
HMW Administration Informer

 Advance Prescription Notification

 Validated Order Confirmation


The HMW simulator can help testing applications implementing all the actors participating to the profile.


For more details about the various functionnalities of the HMW Simulator, visit the following links.

  1. How to get started
  2. General Presentation
  3. Create and send a Prescription
  4. Discontinue a Prescription
  5. Replace a Prescription
  6. Validate a Prescription
  7. Dispense a Medication
  8. Administer a Medication
  9. HL7 messages validation