IHE Eye Care Connectathon 2016 Resources

  The American Academy of Ophthalmology sponsors the IHE Eye Care domain.

This page was applicable to the October 2016 IHE Eye Care Connectathon and is now out-of-date.

For 2017 Connectathon details, please see: https://gazelle.ihe.net/content/ihe-eye-care-connectathon-2017-resources

  IHE Eye Care Profiles for Connectathon testing

We are offering these profiles for testing at the October 2016 connectathon:

(1) Unified Eye Care Workflow (U-EYECARE)  The specification spans three documents, plus the underlying JOIA standard:

-- Eye Care Technical Framework Volume 1, Rev 4.0, June 2016 - profile description, actor rqmts & use cases
-- Eye Care Technical Framework Volume 2, Rev 4.0, June 2016 - detailed transaction specifications
-- Refractive Measurements Trial Implementation Supplement, June, 29, 2016 - new in U-EYECARE for 2016, as modified by a Change Proposal, based upon JOIA 1.5 Release
-- JOIA Std 1.5 - Common Specification for Output data of Ophthalmic Examination Equipment 

(2) Eye Care Summary Record (EC-Summary)

-- EC-Summary Trial Implementation Supplement, July 2015

(3) General Eye Evaluation (GEE) 

-- GEE Trial Implementation Supplement, v8, includes CP, from Don on Aug 9


CHANGE PROPOSALS:  Implementers from last year's connectathon should review Change Proposals (CPs that were approved and applied to the 2016 version of Eye Care domain profiles.  Please refer to this Spreadsheet of Eye Care CPs.  You will find a list of approved CPs and a link to each CP.


Connectathon Dates & Location

October 10-13, 2016 (detailed timeline below)

RSNA Headquarters -- Oak Brook, Illinois, USA

Your support staff

Lynn Felhofer - pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing; technical & logistical support; profile questions

Don van Syckle - demonstration planning; profile questions

Flora Lum, M.D. - contracts, payment, AAO annual meeting, domain inquiries

Eye Care Connectathon email list

iheeyecareconnectathon is the google email group we use to communicate with Connectathon participants regarding preparation steps from August through October.

To join the group, send an email to Lynn.  She will add you to the list serv.

Hotel details

The Marriott Residence Inn - Oak Brook is a 2-minute walk from the RSNA building.

Book your hotel room at the Residence Inn - click here by Sept 23 for the group rate

Equipment shipping

EyeCare_Connectathon_2016_Shipping_Information.pdf -- read this if you need to ship equipment to the Connectathon


Detailed Schedule - Eye Care Connectathon 2016

July 13

WHAT'S NEW?  To view an overview of what's new in IHE Eye Care, we highly recommend that you watch a recording of the July 13 Eye Care webinar as part of IHE's annual webinar series.

Aug 1

11am EDT

Connectathon kick-off webinar -- required for all Connectathon participants: Eye Care domain profile review, review of Connectathon preparation & connectathon week testing, introduction to the 'gazelle' test management and conformance test tools, Q & A.  

Links to: Recording (.wmv format) or Recording (.mp4 format) and Slides 

Aug 1 - 19 Connectathon system registration is open.  Use gazelle.
Aug  Registration contract distributed to Connectathon participants.  Send paper contract with payment to Flora; due Oct 15
Sep  Required pre-connectathon tests published.  Find the tools you will need for your testing.  Helpful links in the Testing Resources section below.   Pre-connectathon test results are due Sep 30.
Sep 9 If applicable, upload a DICOM and/or HL7 conformance statement for your product into gazelle.  Use menu Registration-->Manage systems, and upload it onto the 'System summary' tab for your test system.
Sep 23 Deadline to reserve your hotel room in order to get the group rate.  Click here to make a reservation.
Sep 23 Deadline for participant registration (who will attend the connectathon); complete in gazelle Registration-->Testing Session Participants.
Sep 23 Deadline for submitting sample DICOM objects, HL7 messages or CDA documents (representative of what systems will produce) into gazelle (and the AAO ftp site for DICOM files).

Sep 19-23

Participants input their system's configuration into gazelle, eg AE titles, port numbers, HL7 configurations...
Sep 27
IP addresses are assigned to host names. 
Sep 30 Pre-Connectathon test results are due in gazelle.

Connectathon week!

Oct 10-13

Mon - 8:30-10am - Prepare to test: connect to the network, set up system & finish configurations  

Mon - 10am-5pm - Connectathon testing

Tues - 9am-5pm - Connectathon testing

Wed - 9am-noon - Connectathon testing         

Wed - 1pm-5pm - Demonstration testing starts; wrap-up of last connectathont tests

Thu - 9am-noon - Demo testing continues. All participants must stay until the connectathon closes at noon.

Oct 15-18 Academy Meeting - Interoperability Showcase Demonstration, McCormick Center, Chicago
Oct 15
Contract and payment due.


Testing Resources

Gazelle is IHE's online tool for managing registration, pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing.

Note 1: If you are a returning participant, your old username/password still works!

Note 2: Be sure to select the IHE Eye Care **2016** testing session.

Who are my test partners?

In gazelle, you can see what your fellow Connectathon participants -- your test partners -- have registered to test.  Choose gazelle menu Registration-->Registration overview.  You will see a table with all profiles/actors/options selected by each company/product.  At the bottom of the page, there is a link to "export as Excel file".

Lynn also created this PDF which overlays test partners onto the actor/transaction diagrams:  Connectathon_Registration_Visual-20161006.pdf

Pre-Connectathon tests & tools for Eye Care Details on pre-Connectathon test requirements, tools, and documentation for this year.
Sample images & documents

Participants' DICOM images, GEE, and EC-Summary samples are uploaded here: ftp://ftp.aao.org/IHE_Eye_Care_Connectathon_2016/Pre-Connectathon-Samples/

(username/password is ihe/ihe)

Eye Care code tables

Modality, Order Placer, and Order Filler systems must pre-load their systems wtih order/procedure codes for the connectathon & demonstration.  (Same as those used since 2013.) If your modality needs a code added, please contact Lynn.

(stored on ftp://ftp.aao.org/IHE_Eye_Care_Connectathon_2016/  username/password is ihe/ihe)

Connectathon network description

EyeCare_Connectathon_2016_Network_Information.pdf -- This document describes the network environment during Connectathon week.

Connectathon test review

This document contains a mapping between U-EYECARE actors, transaction & option and the Connectathon tests that exercise them.  

After reviewing this, you should review the individual tests in gazelle.  You can find them on your main connectathon page in gazelle under menu "Connectathon". There is also help for the Training section below.

10 Connectathon tips from the pros This page shares tips from vendors that have participated in IHE Connectathons around the globe for many years.
Connecthon FAQ Answers to questions many first-time participants ask.


Training Resources & Webinars
Eye Care Connectathon Kick-off webinar

Connectathon kick-off webinar -- Aug 1

Eye Care domain profile review, review of Connectathon preparation & connectathon week testing, introduction to the 'gazelle' test management and conformance test tools, Q & A.  

Links to: Recording (.wmv format) or Recording (.mp4 format) and Slides 

Gazelle - How to complete registration.  There are several steps:
  1. User accounts: company & contact info: managing gazelle user accounts (logins) & company/organization details; entering contact information (**Same process as last year, if you participated in Connectathons from 2012-15, your information is carried forward)
  2. System registration: entering system(s), profiles, actors, and options you want to test
  3. Participant registration: register staff who will attend
help pages

Gazelle - How to enter and share your configuration parameters

- entering DICOM & HL7v2 parameters for your test system

- finding & exporting your test partners' configurations


- recording | .mp4

- .mp4 | help page


Using gazelle to review Connectathon tests

How to use gazelle to read test instructions for IHE profiles you have registered to test 

help page.mp4   

Gazelle Order Manager

Overview presentation - .ppt (May 2012)

How to use Order Manager to create Modality Worklist  .mp4 (Jan 2013)


Art Decor

Content Creators can validate GEE & EC-Summary documents using schematron generated by the Art Decor tool.  See instructions in pre-Connectathon test EVS_CDA_Validation.


Useful IHE Resources
IHE Technical Frameworks Ensure that you are working off the latest documentation (not an out-of-date version on your hard drive).
Connectathon Results Database IHE publishes the profile/actor pairs that each company successfully tests during connectathon week.  Connectathon results are not reported on individual products or product versions.  IHE maintains this database of results from past connectathons. 
IHE Product Registry Developers of commercial and open source healthcare IT systems can publish IHE Integration Statements to indicate their systems' conformance with specifications in IHE Technical Frameworks.