To enable Connectathon testing, the Image Display is required host studies on its Image Display.

There is one Connectathon test -- IID Invoke Display -- to exercise the Image Display and Image Display Invoker in the IID profile. The 'Special Instructions' for that test ask you to host a set of studies. This pre-Connectathon 'test' ensures you have the proper data loaded on your system prior to arriving at the Connectathon.

We do not provide specific studies for you, but rather define the characteristics of the studies you should bring


Come to the Connectathon with:

    • at least 3 studies for the same patient, ie will have the same value in patient ID, but the accession number and study dates will be different for each of these studies.
    • Lat least one other study for a different patient
    • a study containing a KOS object identify at least one image in the study as a 'key image'


There are no result files to upload into Gazelle Test Management for this test.  Preloading these prior to the Connectathon is intended to save you precious time during Connectathon week.