ITI-54 - Document Metadata Publish

This tool allows to simulate the transaction ITI-54 between a Document Metadata Publisher and a Document Metadata Notification broker. The tool plays the role o a Document Metadata Publisher. 

To access to the tool you should go to XDStarClient > Simulators > IHE [ITI] > DSUB > ITI-54 [Document Metada Publish]

Then you have to select your system under test, the Document Metadata Notification broker.

The user is able to add even a submission set, a folder, or a document entry to the publish request using the buttons :  or 

After fulfilling the metadatas related to each entry, the user can send the webservice message using the button execute.

The result of the request is displayed even in a permanent link using the id shown in the table after the execution, or using the loop button in the action column, from the table shown below.