Java interface generation

From gazelle-seam-tools-jar:2.13 the following annotation @GenerateInterface is available, it allows the generation of the Interface from the signature of the class.

The name of the Interface to be generated as to be given as parameter (the package used in the same as the one of the class)

By default, the @Local (from Seam) annotation is added in the interface, if you rather want an interface with the @Remote annotation, it is possible.


  • @GenerateInterface("TotoLocal") -> generates an interface named TotoLocal and annotated with @Local 
  • @GenerateInterface(value = "TotoRemote", isLocal = false, isRemote = true) -> generates an interfaced named TotoRemote and annotated with @Remote 
  • @GenerateInterface(value = "TotoLocal2", extendsInterface = "toto.Titi") -> generates an inteface anmed TotoLocal2, annontated @Local and which extends the Titi interface from the toto package