mCSD Load Test Data


This is not an actual "test". Rather it is a task that ensures that the mCSD Care Services Selective Supplier is loaded with the Resources and value sets that we will use as part of Connectathon testing.

Instuctions for Supplier Systems

The instructions below apply to mCSD Supplier systems. (The mCSD Consumer actor is included on this test so that it is aware of this test mCSD test data, but it has no preload work to do. During Connectathon, the Consumer will be performing queries based on the content of these Resources.

(1) Connectathon Organization, Provider, Facility, and Services entries

In order to perform query testing with predictable results, the Care Services Selective Supplier system must be populated with the entries from pre-defined FHIR Resources for Organizations, Locations, HealthcareServices, Practitioners, and PractitionerRoles.  Some Suppliers may support only a subset of these entry types.

We provide these Resources in XML format only.

Suppliers must load these Resources onto their test systems prior to performing mCSD Connectathon tests. They are available in two places:

  1. On Google Drive in IHE Documents > Connectathon > test_data > ITI-profiles > mCSD-test-data > mCSD_FHIR-R4_Resources
  2. During Connectathon week: On the FHIR Read/Write Server

(2) Additional Organization, Provider, Facility, and Services entries

The pre-defined Connectathon test data are limited in scope.  We expect Suppliers to be populated with additional Organization, Provider, Facility & Service Resources.  We give no specific guidance on the number of Resources, but we are looking for a more realistic database.  Good entries offer better testing opportunities.

(3) Value Sets for some codes:

The FHIR Resources for mCSD testing contain codes from some pre-defined value sets. These value sets are hosted on the Gazelle SVS Simulator tool. See the bullet list below. The value sets are documented in the format defined in IHE's SVS (Sharing Value Sets) profile, though support for SVS is not mandated in IHE.   They are available in the SVS Simulator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the value sets below, the value for codeSystem (e.g. is *not* URI, which is what is needed for system in FHIR. Thus, we are using the URL as the system value for each code. For example, in the FHIR Resource, it would be:


    <system value=">

    <code value="101-001"/>

    <display="Health Information Exchange"/>


These codes are also stored in Google Drive in folder: IHE Documents > Connectathon > test_data > ITI-profiles > mCSD-test-data > ValueSetsHostedOnSVSSimulator.

The mCSD Resources also contain codes from these FHIR Value Sets:


There are no result files to upload into Gazelle Test Management for this test.  Preloading these prior to the Connectathon is intended to save you precious time during Connectathon week.


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