Monitor Recruitment Form The Hague 2018

No application will be accepted after January, 24th EOB


Please use this form to express your interest in participating at the IHE Europe 2018 Connectathon as a Monitor. Filling this form is part of our recruitment process and does not mean that you will be able to join the team. Applications are reviewed and accepted based on the registration of systems (amount, profiles and so on).

Monitors are members of the community who serve as independent test result evaluators during the IHE Connectathon. Monitors examine tests in real time or examine evidence after the test. Connectahon Monitors shall be recommended by their IHE National initiative, if one exists in their country of residence.  Monitors from countries without an IHE National Initiative may apply directly.

Monitors agree to perform their duties under the supervision of the Technical Project Manager and operate in a collaborative manner as part of the Testing Team

Monitors presence is expected during the entire connectathon event: April, 16th to April, 20th 2018.