Monitor Ressources

WHEN & WHERE? Logistics, Timeline & Table Assignments

The 2012 European  Connectathon, IHE's week-long interoperability testing event, is held at the BernExpo congress center in Bern, Switzerland. We would like to welcome monitors on the connectathon floor at 9am on Monday May 21st. After you check in and get your monitor packet, we will meet with the monitor group at 10:30am for a 20-minute welcome/announcement session. You will find your table, get comfortable & connect to the network.  The testing starts at 11am. If you cannot arrive by 10:30am, don't worry, we will have people to help you get settled later than that. The testing schedule is:

  • Monday 8:30-11am: Vendor arrival & setup
  • Monday 11-5pm: Connectathon testing begins
  • Tuesday thru Thursday 9am - 5pm: Connectathon testing continues
  • Friday noon : Connectathon testing ends

TODO : Table Assignments

TODO : Connectathon floor plan

TODO : Network information


WHO & WHAT? Monitors' Profile Assignments

Monitor assignement can be found into Gazelle Test Management: click on Admin -> Manage Monitors

Find your name

  • click on the magnifying glass to access the list of test assigned to you (do not worry there might be more than one monitor assigned to each test).
  • click on the printer icon to generate a pdf with the description of all the tests assigned to you.

If you fill like you need to change the assignement contact Eric Poiseau or Anne-Gaëlle Bergé

HOW? Training Material

Time / Duration
Req'd for new monitors

Returing monitors are welcome

Monitor Training
- Monitor responsibilities
- Connectathon process for monitors
- Q&A

recording of the session : april 3rd  / april 4th

April 3rd 2-4pm

April 4th 4-6pm

**optional** educational material for monitors IHE 2011 Educational Webinar Series
IHE sponsored its annual educational webinar series during 2011. You will find overview presentations for each IHE domain as well as 'speciality' presentations on topics like security, cross-community sharing of healthcare information, etc.
New monitors

IHE Terminology (link to streaming video)
or, use this link to download the recording

This covers terminology used in IHE Technical Frameworks. If you've never read IHE documentation before, you will find this background information helpful.

New monitors Connectathon Terminology:
Definitions needed to understand using Gazelle during a connectathon (known to most returning participants; highly recommended for new participants & monitors)
All monitors

How to use the gazelle tool (helpful instructions in Word format)
- Logging in to gazelle
- Using the monitor worklist
- Reviewing tests; changing test status
- Using the gazelle mobile app to verify tests



Manager Support

Contact these folks during the week if you have questions or problems. Support for specific tools is in the next section.

Connectathon Management (testing process questions, dropping profiles, gen'l support...) Eric Poiseau or Lynn Felhofer 

Network Support IHE Suisse Staff

Logistics (badges, lunch, fees, hotel...) Connectathon sponsor staff welcome desk
Lab Domain tests Nicolas Lefevre or François Macary

Cardiology Domain  Lynn Felhofer
ITI Domain tests Lynn Felhofer
PCC Domain tests

PCD Domain tests

Radiology Domain tests Lynn Felhofer


IHE Technical Framework Documentation

To prepare for the January connectathon, we recommend you read the chapter in "Volume 1" for the profiles you are assigned to evaluate. Each IHE domain's Technical Framework is segmented into multiple volumes; Volume 1 contains the use cases the profile addresses, the process flow and a diagram of the actors & transactions in the profiles. The technical details of the transactions are not in Vol 1, and as a monitor, you do not need to be an expert at that level. If you are reading a Trial Implementation Supplement, you will see that the contents are separated into Volume 1 and Volume 2 within the supplement.

If you are not familiar with IHE documentation, we recommend you view the "IHE Terminology" video in the training section above before you read the documentation.

IHE publishes its documents, organized by domain, on the Technical Framework page of We have created this index to help you find each profile: Summary of IHE Technical Requirements

FAQ for vendor participants

We have put together this FAQ page with answers to questions we frequently receive from our vendor participants. You may find it informative.

Contact Us

For help with logistics (travel, hotel, expenses), please contact
For questions about Connectathon processes & tools, or your assigment, contact Eric Poiseau.