Monitor Workflow

Test validation workflow

  • Find test in the monitor worklist
  • Claim test (release it if necessary)
  • Review test requirements
  • Visit participants, look for evidence
  • Grade the test 
    • Verified -> Done
    • Failed -> Enter comments, done
    • Partially Verified -> Enter comments, done

Gazelle Monitor App

The Gazelle Monitor application has been developed to help monitors validating tests without spending their time running from their desk to the participants' table. If the monitor own a smart phone with a WiFi connection, they will be able to claim and validate tests from their smart phone.

The GazelleMonitorApp is a tomcat application designed for mobile screens. It  requires the installation of  an application on the mobile devide that scans a QR code  (for example The application you choose will depend on your device. You can download Barcode scanner, Google or other free applications from your market places. The use of MobileTag is discouraged since it accesses the links through an external server, and that will not work from most connectathon floor.

We have successfully tested the application with Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones.

In Europe, you will access the application at the following URL : , the QR code leading to this application is given below:

How to proceed

After you have installed the QR scanner, connect your mobile device to  GazelleMonitorApp application and sign in using your login and password; they are the same as what you use to connect to Gazelle (Test Management). Once the application has identified you, a cookie is stored in your (mobile) browser for 7 days (connect-a-thon duration) so that you will not have to sign in again even if your session expires. If it does not work, check that cookies are enabled in your browser. To remove this cookie, go to the application home page and use the "logout" button.


Home page

GMA loginlogin page, use your Gazelle account


This workflow assumes that you have claimed one or more tests from the Gazelle Monitor Worklist, most likely using a laptop/PC.  Once you are logged in with your mobile device, hit the "View claimed tests" button. If you are monitor at a Connectathon that is currently in progress, you will see the list of available testing sessions, as shown below. Selecting one of the testing sessions will lead you to the list of test instances you have claimed for that testing session. To select another testing session use the "Sessions" button of the navigation bar.



Choose your testing session

test instances

Here is the list of test instance you have claimed and which still need work

test instance summary

summary of a test instance. Click on update to see details and verify it, click on unclaim to release it


A second workflow allows you to claim a test directly with your mobile device.  You can do this at the participant table or using Gazelle at your laptop/PC.  At your laptop/PC, go to Connectathon --> Monitor Worklist, you will see the list of test instances you can verify and claim them. Select a test instance by its identifier (id).  When that brings up the Test Instance page, a QR code is displayed beside the metadata of each test instance (see the photo below). By scanning this QR code, for instance, you will be lead to the home page of GazelleMonitorApp; hit the "I've flahed a code" button, the test instance will appear (if you have access rights !)


Run a QR code scanner and flash the code

home logged

Click on "I've flashed a code" to confirm and display the test informations

ti details

Update informations and submit the result ("submit" button at the bottom of the page)


By clicking the "View selected test instance" you confirm that you want to claim this instance. Nevertheless, the application may not be able to assign you this test for one of the following reasons:

  • No test instance with the given id has been found within Gazelle
  • You are not logged in or not a monitor for the testing session in which the test instance has been performed
  • The test instance has already been claimed by someone else
  • The test instance status is not either "to be verified", or "critical", or "partially verified"
  • The connect-a-thon in which the test instance has been performed is over

When you get the screen with the test instance information, change the test status to failed, passed or patially verified. You may optionally change the status of individual test steps or leave a comment before submitting the result. If you want to add a long comment or if you prefer to change the step status using Gazelle Test Management, submit only the test status using the mobile app and then go to GazelleTest Management for further work. You can easily retrieve a test instance by its id using the search bar at the top of the home page of Gazelle Test Management on your laptop or PC.