Multiple Affinity Domain

Multiple Affinity Domain testing at the Bern Connectathon

XCA / XCA-I / XCPD Bern Testing Schedule

Testing of Cross-Community profile (XCA, XCA-I and XCPD) is directly organized by monitors during connectathon week. Unlike most connectathon tests, you will not choose your own partners. If you are doing cross-community testing, a monitor will visit you on Monday or Tuesday to explain the planning. In the meantime, you can review this document to review the planning document for cross-community tests:

Explanation of Red/Blue/Green domains

This page applies to vendors testing XDS.b, XDS-I.b, PDQ/PDQv3, PIX/PIXv3, and XCA, XCA-I, XCPD.

If you're testing these profiles, please review this page during May.

In Bern, we will have 3 XDS Affinity Domains. Each of these domains is associated with its own Patient ID assigning authority. For ease of reference we call these the Red domain (, the Green domain (, and the Blue domain ( We also have a 'local' Patient ID assigning authority (

  1. Multiple-affinity-domains.ppt : This presentation gives you an overview of the 3-affinity-domain testing. Please review it prior to arriving in Bern!!

  2. We have a tool for creating a patient with a Patient ID in the Red, Green or Blue assigning authority and sending it via HL7v2 or v3 to your test system: Gazelle patient generation & sharing allows you create & sending a single patient via HL7v2 & v3. It is also capable of resending an HL7 feed and batch sending of multiple patients.

  3. Three-domain-assigning-authority-Bern.xls : XDS.b Registries and XCA, XCPD & XCA-I Gateways are assigned to one of the 3 affinity domains for the entire connectathon week.
    • Registries accept a patient identity feed, and register documents, with patient IDs in their assigned domain (ie with their designated Patient ID assigning authority)
    • Likewise, Gateway actors represent communities with documents in their one assigned domain.
    • PIX Managers, and some PDQ Suppliers, can operate across domains.
    • These assignments are in the table below and also in the excel spreadsheet linked in this item.

If you have questions about multiple affinity domain testing at the connecthon, ask Lynn Felhofer.