NA Connectathon 2015 Technical Resources

Getting ready for participation in the January Connectathon involves more than buying a plane ticket to Cleveland. From November until January, participants complete a set of required pre-connectathon tests. December through mid-January participants share configuration information with test partners, perform internet testing for some profiles, pre-load test data, finish some last-minute pre-connectathon tests, and familiarize themselves with the tests they will be required to run at the January connnectathon. The links below contain details for your Connectathon preparation activities.

Email list for Connectathon announcements 
All participants in the NA Connectathon must join this group. It is used for technical and logistical announcements from the NA Connectathon sponsors and technical managers. To subscribe, send an email to NA_connectathon+subscribe@googlegroups.comPlease note that you need to sign in to a Google account (or create one) in order to join this group.
Gazelle Gazelle is IHE's online tool for managing registration, pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing.
Detailed Connectathon timeline Calendar of deadlines from October through January!
Weekly reminders What should I be working on this week?  Stay on-track with your preparation!
Connectathon week resources Reference page for Connectathon participants 
Profiles to be tested Review the list of profiles to be tested in nine IHE domains, plus Consolidated CDA.  Please note those that are 'dropped' or which have low registration.
IHE Technical Frameworks

Ensure that you are working off the latest documentation (not an out-of-date version on your hard drive). Final Text Technical Frameworks & Trial Implementation Supplements are published on

Some are interested in knowing the specifics of the updates since last year.  Each domain's Technical Committee processes Change Proposals that are then incorporated into Technical Frameworks annually.   Here is a link to each domain's Change Proposals that have been incorporated into updates published in 2014:

Cardiology:  no CPs processed in 2014
IT Infrastructure
---- CPs:
---- TI Supplements moved to Final Text:  XCPD, On-Demand Documents
---- no updated TF in 2014; next release in 2015
---- completed CPs:  
---- CPs:
---- TI Supplements moved to Final Text:  IOCM

Health Story Consolidation, C-CDA, Release 1.1

C-CDA implementation guide for participants testing HIMSS Health Story Project C-CDA documents as a Creator or Consumer.

Tool resources Find an index to IHE test tools, a mapping of tools to profiles, tool documentation, test cases, and tool training material.
ATNA testing & digital certificates Pre-connectathon & connectathon testing requirements for the ATNA profile.  How to get your digital certificate.
Training resources Pointers to training & documentation about tools, gazelle & connectathon processes
Profile-specific preparation In order to make you more efficient at the Connectathon, for some profiles we encourage you to do this preparation in advance.
Network & configuration details  Configurations for your test systems, OID assignments, IP addresses, Connectathon network description
Cross-Community testing  Explanation of multiple affinity domain Connectathon tests for participants testing XDS.b, XDS-I.b, PDQ/PDQv3, PIX/PIXv3, XCA, XCA-I and XCPD
Thorough/Supportive testing explained This page describes the difference between Thorough and Supportive connectathon testing 
Connectathon test review Your connectathon preparation should include reviewing tests you will have to run during Connectathon week.  Here's how.
10 Connectathon tips from the pros This page shares tips from vendors that have participated in the Connectathon for many years.
Connectathon logistics IHE USA staff manages contracts, fees, badges, hotel & shipping, and provides help for all non-technical details regarding the connectathon.
Connecthon FAQ Answers to questions many first-time participants ask.

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