NA Connectathon 2015 Weekly Reminders

What should I be working on this week??

After Connectathon registration closes in October until we're all together in January, the IHE support staff will send you instructions to guide your technical and logistical preparation. All announcements are sent on the NA Connectathon google group.  For easy reference, we gather a summary of weekly reminders on this page.


Week of Oct 6:

A1: Attend the Oct 8 webinar "Connectathon Preparation Steps" to learn about test tools, pre-Connectathon tests & other technical preparation resources.  You can view the recording and slides on the Training page.


Week of Oct 13:

A1: Review the overall Connectathon schedule.  Mark your calendar with important dates.

Week of Oct 20:

A1: Ensure that you are using up-to-date Technical Framework documentation.  Access the latest versions of IHE profiles from and C-CDA specs from  Don't make the mistake of using last year's document sitting on your hard drive that may be missing Change Proposals incorporated in 2014.

A2: Review the list of profiles to be tested in January, those 'dropped' and those with lower registration.  Adjust your development plans accordingly.  In gazelle, we have removed 'dropped' profiles from your system registration.  This is so you won't see tests for profiles that we will not test in January.

A3: Take a look at your potential test partners in January.  See gazelle under menu Registration--Registration Overview.  Then "Profile Coverage."  (Remember that it is not a valid connectathon test if you choose a partner from your own company.)

Week of Oct 27:

A1: For those testing ATNA actors, review the ATNA requirements & Digital Certificates testing resources information.  Generate the digital certificate for your test system.  The same certificate will be used for pre-Connectathon & Connectation testing.

A2: Make a plan for who will attend the Connectathon.
-- IHE USA publishes information about obtaining staff badges and hotel reservations on their Connectathon Participant Resource page. Make a plan to purchase your badges by Nov 21 to get the best rate; prices increase significantly after this date.

Week of Nov 3:

A1: Review your list of pre-Connectathon tests.  Find the tools you need.  Make a plan to complete the tests by January 9 (or earlier).
-- Your pre-Connectathon test list is in gazelle under menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing
Find the tools you need and the associated documentation using IHE's Test Tools Information page
- Review available tool webinars & help pages on the Training page.

A2: If you are testing an actor in the XDS, XDR, XDM, XCA, or MPQ profiles, you will be using the NIST XDS Public Registry and/or XDS toolkit for pre-Connectathon testing & during Connectathon.  
-- If you use the tools, you should subscribe to the ihe-xds-implementors email group.  It is a forum for developers and the source of news/updates on the XDS tools.
-- Review Bill's Oct 29 notes to that group about changes to the tools for this testing season.
-- If you are new to the tools, review the webinar available on the Training page.

Week of Nov 10:

A1: Continue working through your pre-Connectathon tests.

A2: If your system is a Content Creator of CDA documents, or you produce DICOM objects, you will be asked to provide a 'sample' of your content prior to the Connectathon.  This allows your test partners who 'consume' to access your samples and test with them in advance of the Connectathon.  Instructions for sample-sharing in gazelle are documented here.  Content Creators for Health Story Project documents, and for PCC and QRPH profiles will receive guidance in December for sample sharing.

A3:  Reminder: System fees are due Nov 17.  Early-bird badge pricing ends Nov 21.  Buy badges now to save $$$.

Week of Nov 17:

A1: Nov 17 - System fees payment due to IHE USA.

      Nov 21 - Connectathon badge pre-registration deadline.  Prices increase at 12:00am ET.

A2: Continue working through your pre-Connectathon tests.

Week of Nov 24: 

A1: Continue your preparation by working through your list of pre-Connectathon tests and uploading results into gazelle.

A2: This is also a good time for you to re-examine the scope of what you registered to test in January.  If you discover that you will not be able to complete your implementation of a profile/actor, please contact me so that I can drop that actor from your list.  This helps us to adjust our testing plans.  Remember, if you’re registered for a profile/actor in gazelle, the Connectathon technical managers and your test partners are counting on you to test it in January.

 If you are based in the US, we hope that you enjoy some well-earned time off this week with friends and family.

Week of Dec 1:

A1: Your most important task in Nov/Dec is to continue working through your pre-Connectathon "Tests to do" list in gazelle.  Test logs are due Jan 9 (but there are holidays and vacation days between now and then!).  Your customized list of tests is in gazelle under menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing.  Test tools and instructions are available on the Tools page.

A2:  Provide input to Connectathon table assignments:   (1) If you will bring oversized computer equipment, send Lynn a note before Dec 19.  (2) If you are bringing extra staff to the Connectathon (more than the traditional "2 per test system", purchase badges for them before Dec 19 to ensure that they will be seated at a table adjacent to your test system.  If you purcase your badge after Dec 19, your extra staff will be seated in the overflow tables.

Week of Dec 8:

A1: We have populated gazelle with default configuration parameters for your test system.  By January 9, you must review, update, and approve these so that they reflect the actual configuration of the test system you will bring to the Connectathon in January.  See details, including 'how to' training, on the Network & Configuration page.

A2 Gazelle offers a mechanism for uploading a CDA document (web browser upload, not XDS) and sharing that document with Consumer test partners. That mechanism should now be properly configured in gazelle for the CDA documents produced by Content Creators and Form Receiver/CDA Exporters. See gazelle menu Connectathon—>Connectathon—>List of samples.

For IHE profiles (not C-CDA), you should see a new Pre-Connectathon test today that creators to upload samples and consumers to download the samples and review them. This is a suggestion to prepare for the Connectathon and not a requirement. If you are a C-CDA user, you can also upload and share CDA documents. You will not find a Pre-Connectathon test to prod you. You can still use the sample sharing area of Gazelle

A3:  If you're interested in testing with partners over the internet prior to the connectathon, attend the webex on Dec 10 at 9:30am CST.  Find details on the training page.

Week of Dec 15:

A1: By default, each test system registered in gazelle is assigned to one table with chairs for 2 staff members on the Connectathon tests floor in Cleveland.  If you are bringing additional staff and want them to be seated in tables adjacent to your test system, you must purchase their badge by end-of-day on Dec 19.  Lynn will be doing table assignments on Dec 22. 

A2:  Remember, both your pre-Connectathon test logs and your approved configurations must be completed in gazelle by Jan 9.

Weeks of Dec 22 & 29:

 It's time for an end-of-year hiatus from technical preparation. So, enjoy some down-time...

Week of Jan 5: 

Review January preparation details set in the Jan 5 email to the na_connectathon email list.

Week of Jan 12:

A1: Attend the Connectathon week training webex - Jan 14, 10am CST:  webex link.

- Connectathon Process Overview -- highly recommended for first-time participants

- Using gazelle at the Connectathon -- recommended for all participants, includes important information about using the gazelle proxy

A2: Begin entering your test partners' configuration detailas into your test system.  How-to information is on the Network & Configuration page.

A3: Complete Profile-specific Preparation.

Week of Jan 19: 

A1: Review the "10 Connectathon Tips from the Pros"

See you next week!

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