NA Connectathon 2016 Monitor Resources

Welcome! We gather resources here for our extraordinary volunteer monitors.

Table of Contents:

On-Site Logistics

Connectathon Schedule:

Mon Jan 25, 8:30-9:00am Monitors arrive at the Cleveland Convention Center.  
9:00 am

Meeting Room 21 on the Exhibit Floor level, adjacent to the Registration/Check-in:

Badge & monitor packet pick-up. Monitor welcome/orientation meeting.

If you cannot arrive by 9am, don't worry; you can get your badge at the main Connectathon registration desk when you arrive.

Monday 9:30am Monitors find their table on the Connectathon floor and get hooked up to the network. The Connectathon managers will then turn their attention to welcoming vendor participants until testing starts at 10am.
10 am - 5:30 pm
Connectathon testing begins promptly at 10am

Tue Jan 26
Wed Jan 27
Thu Jan 28


Connectathon testing session

FYI: Off-Hours Access

+ Participants in the Connectathon will have support from staff (technical managers and volunteer monitors) during regular testing session hours.
+ The Connectathon testing floor is staffed by hotel security 24/7. 
+ The Connectathon floor will be open at 7am Tues through Friday. Entry/re-entry will be allowed until 9pm each evening. No re-entry after 9pm. If you happen to be working very late, you will be asked to leave the Connectathon floor at 11pm.

Fri Jan 29


Final Connectathon testing session.

Connectathon ends promptly at noon.



Network Info

  • Wireless / General
    • SSID:  NA2016
    • Password: cleveland16
    • Security type:  TBD
  • NetworkDescriptionNA2016.pdf - this is the description of the Connectathon testing network.  Target audience for this document is testing participants.  FYI-only for Monitors.

Seating assignments:

Ask Questions.  Get Help:

Monitor Logistics support -

  • IHE USA staff - Help Desk
  • Network staff - (J31)

Monitor Technical Support -

  • Steve Moore - (K28)
    • PCC & Consolidated CDA tests
  • Paul Sherman - (F35)
    • PCD tests
  • Eric Poiseau - (L27)
    • LAB & PHARM tests
    • Gazelle support
  • Lynn Felhofer - (H28)
    • ITI, RAD, and QRPH tests, requirements & grading
    • Gazelle support
  • Tool help

Tools - locations & support

See this Tools Information (we maintain this in one place -- on the vendor's information page)

Training material on various tools is here:

Profile assignments 

PROFILE ASSIGNMENTS:  Monitor profile assignments are in this google spreadsheet.  

We group IHE profiles into "clusters" with common characteristics, and then we assign monitors to evaluate tests in one "cluster" (perhaps two).  The google spreadsheet contains the first draft of monitor assignments.  We try to assign you to profiles that match your expertise.  We hope that some assignments allow you to learn something new.  In fact, each monitor has the capability to evaluate tests in almost any profile.

There are two tabs in the spreadsheet:

  • The first "Assignments" tab contains a row for each monitor.  The columns identify the profile "clusters".  The numbers in the column indicate how you will spend your time, eg a "1" indicates you will devote all of your time evaluating tests in that cluster.
  • The second "Cluster-Profiles" tab identifies the profiles in each cluster.  Each profile listed in Column D contains a link to that profile's documentation.  If the link is to Technical Framework Volume 1, then there is one chapter per profile.  If the link is to a Trial Implementation Supplement, then the entire profile is contained within one document.

IHE Technical Framework Documentation 

The specifications we test at the Connectathon are contained in IHE Technical Framework documentation.  Each IHE domain's Technical Framework is segmented into multiple volumes; Volume 1 contains the use cases the profile addresses, the process flow and a diagram of the actors & transactions in the profiles. The technical details of the transactions are not in Volume 1, and as a monitor, you do not need to be an expert at that level. If you are reading a Trial Implementation Supplement, you will see that the contents are separated into Volume 1 and Volume 2 within the supplement. 

To prepare for the connectathon, we recommend you read the chapter in Technical Framework "Volume 1" for the profiles you are assigned to evaluate. 

If you are not familiar with IHE documentation, we recommend you view the "Interpreting the IHE Technical Framework" video in the training section below before you read the documentation.

IHE publishes its Technical Framework documents, organized by domain, on the Technical Framework page of

Training Material

Date-Time / Duration
New monitors

Interpreting the IHE Technical Framework

This covers terminology used in IHE Technical Frameworks explains the structure of IHE documentation, and describes IHE's publication cycle. If you've never read IHE documentation before, you will find this background information helpful.

(Streaming link) (.mp4)

New monitors

Connectathon Terminology:
Definitions needed to understand using Gazelle during a connectathon (known to most returning participants; highly recommended for new participants & monitors)

(Streaming link) (.mp4)

All monitors

Using gazelle to review Connectathon tests

How to use gazelle to read test definitions for IHE profiles you're assigned to. (.mp4)

All monitors

Connectathon monitor - process overview
- Monitor responsibilities
- Connectathon process for monitors
- Q&A

Gazelle walk-through
- How monitors use gazelle during connectathon week to verify tests. 

recording | slides

Jan 13, 2016

10am CST





All monitors

Some profile 'clusters' have additional training material prepared by IHE Technical Project Managers.  This content will become available througout Jan 2016.  Find it on the Cluster-Profiles tab of the monitor assignments google spreadsheet.


Some of you may be interested in the training material we compile for vendor participants, but monitors do not need to review it.

We collect participants' material on this Training Page.


IHE 2015 Educational Webinar Series
IHE sponsored its annual educational webinar series during summer and fall. You will find overview presentations for each IHE domain as well as 'speciality' presentations on topics like security, cross-community sharing of healthcare information, etc. These presentations *are not* connectathon-specific.

multiple presentations available; duration varies



Pre-Connectathon Logistics  

Wed Nov 11

Monitors submit Travel Survey, Non-Disclosure Form and Conflict of Interest Forms to Nick.

Fri Nov 120

Monitor Travel Guide is available here.

Fri Nov 20

Monitor profile assignments are here.

Wed Dec 18

Deadlines from the Monitor Travel Guide:

- Monitors book flight to Cleveland through HIMSS Travel Agency (if applicable)
- Monitors register for Connectathon badge and obtain Social Event Ticket 
- Monitors submit Advance Per Diem form (if applicable) 


General monitor preparation -->  If you have time, read the Vol 1 chapter for the profiles you have been assigned to.


General monitor preparation --> If you have time, review some of the Connectathon tests for your profiles.

Wed Jan 13

10am CST

Monitor Training Webinar 

- Click this link to first register and then attend

- Event Number: 928 306 265    Password:  Meeting1

This webinar will be recorded for those unable to attend.

Mon Jan 25 -
Fri Jan 29

Connectathon!  Daily schedule is detailed below.

Mon Feb 15

Monitors submit Post-Event Per Diem form (if applicable) 

Our FAQ for vendor participants 

We have put together this FAQ with answers to questions we frequently receive from our vendor participants. You may find it informative.


This is a great welcome to new monitors captured on video. While it is was done by a SIIM board member at the beginning of Connectathon monitor training in 2009, his points about the benefits of your volunteer service stand true today. We invite you to watch this 5 minute video:


Contact Info 

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