NA Connectathon 2023

IHE USA welcomes your participation in the IHE Global Connectathon 2023.  This page points you to the resources you need to prepare and succeed!

The remainder of this information is for historical reference and will be updated soon.

Important for 2022!!

This is a join connectathon with IHE Europe.  There will be overlapping test hours and a shared single gazelle test management system.  You may partner with anyone who is involved in the connectathon.  Please prioritize testing with international partners during the overlapping hours.  IHE USA TPM Support will be available during the Atlanta Eastern Time.  Support outside of these hours are at the lesiure of the TPMs.

Contract submission and payment are due at the close of registration.  If you have questions, please contact the IHE USA sponsors:


For Participants

Gazelle Connectathon Test Management

Participation Checklist

Detailed NA Connectathon Schedule


IHE Technical Frameworks, Consolidated CDA

Schedule and Logistics

Schedule, fees, payment, badges, hotel, shipping info ...


Technical Resources

  • Pre-Connectathon Preparation
  • Tool Resources
  • Application and Network Configuration
  • Connectathon Test Review
    1. Existing profiles have test definitions now, 
    2. New and revised profiles will have test definitions available September 1, 2022
  • Connectathon Week Resources (NA2022) 

Training Material / Webex Presentations

Communication (email addresses, email lists)