Network Configuration

The page Network Configuration Overview provides the users with the necessary information for the current testing session.

The information provided in that page is of 2 kind. 

A blob where the administrator of the current testing session can provide to the participants a list of usefull an relevant information. This can be the networking parameters: 

  • Default gateway
  • DNS
  • Netmask 
  • ...

But it may also contain the information for the printer that is on site.


The page also provides a button to download a hosts file for the configuration of the systems that do not support DNS. 

THe preferred method is for the participants to the testing session to use DNS in order to resolv hostnames. However we have encountered some systems in some past session that could not use DNS. So we have provided a mean to give the participants the access to a hosts file that can be installed on their SUT for name resolution. 

Note that hosts file is NOT dynamic and the hosts file will have to be reloaded and reconfigured by the participants who have chosen not to use DNS after each test partner IP or name change. 

Once the hosts file is downloaded it can be used to configure the SUT. Please refer to the operating system of the SUT for the set up of that file. Below is a list of pointer for 3 OSes