In this test, the OrderManager tool is a DICOM Modality Worklist SCP, and your application (most commonly an Acquisition Modality actor) is the MWL SCU.

The test is a sanity check of your worklist query capabilities for pre-Connectathon testing.   In some cases, the Order Manager is used as a MWL SCP during a Connectathon, and this test helps prepare you for that.


Refer to the OrderManager User Manual for instructions on creating a DICOM worklist.

Test Steps

As a MWL SCU in this test, your application will query the OrderManager (MWL SCP) for a worklist.

  1. First create a worklist entry in the Order Manager tool:
    1. TO CREATE A WORKLIST ENTRY FROM AN ORDER ALREADY IN THE TOOL: In the OrderManager, select menu Radiology-->Order Filler-->Create a DICOM worklist (or Eye care-->Order Filler-->Create a DICOM worklist).  Then select one order from the table of existing order entries
    2. TO CREATE NEW ORDER FOR A WORKLIST ENTRY: In the OrderManager, start by selecting  Radiology-->Order Filler-->[RAD-3] Create...orders (or Eye-->Order Filler-->[RAD-3] Create...orders).  Then proceed through the steps to create the order, schedule it, then create the worklist for your new order.
  2. You will be prompted to provide your application's "Station AE Title" prior to selecting the "Generate worklist" button
  3. Capture the "Permanent link" to your worklist details (ie the URL)
  4. Use your application to query the OrderManager for modality worklist 
  5. Create a screen capture from your application showing the worklist received.
  6. For your pre-Connectathon test results in gazelle, upload the screen capture file and copy the permanent link into the comment box as the results for this


The link to the worklist entry & the screen shot demonstrate that you have successfully received worklist.