28 Nov 2012

Order Manager 3.1-GA released

Submitted by aberge


We have refined the user interface of the Order Manager tool. All domains are now available in the top menu bar, there is no need to select the IHE domain anymore. In a given domain, you will find a menu entry for each actor that this tool can emulate. This will give you access to its configuration as a HL7 responder/DICOM SCP and to the page to configure the messages to send. You will also find an entry called "Data browser" for each actor; this is the link to access the list of orders, procedures, patients... owned by this actor.

Note to the senders of HL7 messages: Each actor is now listening on a single port which supports most of the  character set encodings defined by HL7.

Note to the users of the worklist: you can now consult the logs of the wlmscpfs tool directly through the user interface; go to Radiology (or Eye care) / Worklists / Worklists query logs.

Note to the ADT's developers: Radiology and Eye care Order Filler, Order Placer and Image Manager can now handle some ADT messages defined in RAD-1 and RAD-12 transactions:

  • Order Filler and Order Placer support the following events: A01, A04, A08, A40
  • Image Manager supports the following events: A08, A40

This is a new feature, let us know if you encounter any bug or unexpected behavior.


Learn more about the Order Manager by reading the user manual.