[Deprecated] Patient Manager - PAM Patient Encounter Consumer


Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation

The Patient Manager tool implements the Patient Encounter Consumer actor of the PAM profile defined by the IHE technical framework. Currently, this simulator only supports the basic subset of messages and the Inpatient/Outpatient encounter management option. The supported trigger events are:

  • Admit patient (ADT^A01^ADT_A01)
  • Register patient (ADT^A04^ADT_A01)
  • Cancel admit/register patient (ADT^A11^ADT_A09)
  • Discharge patient (ADT^A03^ADT_A03)
  • Cancel discharge (ADT^A13^ADT_A01)
  • Merge patient identifier list (ADT^A40^ADT_39)
  • Update patient information (ADT^A08^ADT_A01)
  • Pre-admit patient (ADT^A05^ADT_A05)
  • Cancel pre-admit (ADT^A38^ADT_A38)
  • Change Patient class to inpatient (ADT^A06^ADT_A06)
  • Change Patient class to outpatient (ADT^A07^ADT_A06)
  • Transfer patient (ADT^A02^ADT_A02)

Two sections (pages) of the Patient Manager application are dedicated to the use of the Patient Encounter Consumer actor. You can reach them going to Patient Administration Management --> Patient Encounter Consumer.

PAM PEC menu

Configuration and messages

When the simulator acts as a PEC, it is only a responder; that means that it is listening on a specific port and sends acknowledgements for the messages it receives. As a consequence, you are not expected to give to the simulator the configuration of the PDC part of your SUT. At the contrary, your SUT needs the configuration of the simulator in order to send it messages. When you go to the page "Configuration and Messages" you can see that various configurations are offered. Actually, in order to be able to properly understand the messages it receives, the simulator needs to open a socket using the appropriate encoding character set. The IP address and the receiving application and facility do not differ from a configuration to another, only the port number should change. Note that if the Character set given in the message (MSH-18) is not the one expected, the message is application rejecting. In the same way that if the receiving application or receiving facility does not match the expected one, the message will be reject with an AR acknowledgment.

In this same page, you can see the list of messages received by the PEC actor. The more recent ones are at the top of the list.

Received Patients

When the simulator receives a message, it tries to integrate it, if it is not able to do it, it sends back an error message. It means that each time it can, it performs the appropriate action on the patient and its encounter. The resolution of patients is done on their identifiers, the resolution of encounters is done using the visit number (PV1-19). For each patient, the list of encounters and movements received are available under the "Patient's encounter" tab.