31 Aug 2012

[PAM Simulator] PDQ/PDC actor integrated

Submitted by aberge


We are pleased to announce that a new version of the PAMSimulator from Gazelle platform has been released. It now includes a simulator of the PDC actor from the PDQ (v2) profile. This new version merges and deprecates the PDQPDCSimulator application.
This new feature allows the simulator to act as an initiator for the ITI-21 (Patient Demographics Query) and ITI-22 (Patient Demographics & Visit Query) transactions. If you want to test your PDQ/PDS actor, register its configuration (as a PDS), then you will be able to select it in the drop-down list of systems under test in the page of the PDQ/PDC actor. We are planning to add the simulator for the PDS actor of the PDQ profile in the coming months.
Because this simulator now not only embeds PAM actors, it has been renamed into PatientManager. Users of the PAM actors will find all the links under the Patient Administration Management menu.
If you encounter some issues when using the tool, please let us know by filling out an issue in our bug tracking system: http://gazelle.ihe.net/jira/browse/PAM