PM_ITI-10-Receive: PIX Update Notification

This tests the ability of your application to receive an ITI-10 PIX update notification message.  This applies only to PIX Consumers that support the PIX Update Notification option.

This test is performed with the Patient Manager simulator sending ITI-10 messages to your system under test.

Tool documentation is located at

Test Setup

  1. Before starting test steps, please configure the tool to send to your appliction using the SUT Configurations menu in the tool.
  2. Go to menu All Patients and, in the drop-down box "Simulated actor", select Patient Identity Cross-Reference Manager.  The page then lists the patients known by the PIX Manager.
  3. Choose one of the available patients to use for this test.  You should then manually create that in your system (because this test will send you an update).

Test Steps

In these steps, you will use the Patietn Manager tool to send a PIX update notification to your application. 

  1. Go to menu PIX --> Patient Identity Cross-Reference Manager --> Cross-references management
  2. Check the box entitled "Send update notifications"
  3. Select your System under Test in the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the list of domains for which you will receive update notifications.
  5. From the list of all patients, select the patient you have previously entered within your system. (Use the magnifying glass in the Action column)
  6. The "Selected patient" is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  7. Next, Drag and drop an identifier from the list of patients above into the 'Selected patient'. This creates a 'cross-reference' between the two patients.  A message is displayed to inform you that a message was sent to your system.
  8. Make sure the simulator receives an acknowledgment from your system and that the patient is properly updated in your system.
  9. Take a screenshot of your application or your database as a proof of the good registration of the patient. Retrieve the permanent link to the test report and to the patient and copy them in Gazelle Test Management with a comment "Patient creation". 



The screen shots demonstrate that you have successfully processed the received message(s).