This test applies to Patient Identity Consumers in the PIX, PIXv3, or PIXm Profiles.

This test is performed with the Patient Manager simulator acting as a Patient Identity Cross-Reference Manager (PIX Manager) responding to these queries.  Note that the test steps are the same no matter the will choose the transaction(s) supported by your Consumer.

  • ITI-9- PIX Query (HL7v2) 
  • ITI-45 - PIX Query (HL7v3)
  • ITI-83 - PIX Query (HL7 FHIR STU3)

Tool documentation is located at

Test Setup

  1. Go to menu All Patients and, in the drop-down box "Simulated actor", select PAT_IDENTITY_X_REF_MANAGER.  The page then lists the patients known by the PIX Manager simulator.
  2. Choose one or more of the available patients to use as the target for your query in  this test.  

Test Steps

In these steps, you will use the Patient Manager as a PIX Manager Simulator to respond to your PIX Query.

  1. Access the Patient Manager tool:
  2. Go to menu PIX-->Patient Identity Cross-Reference Manager
  3. Next, select HL7v2 Configuration, HL7v3 Configuration, or FHIR Configuration
  4. The tool will now display the configuration details you will need to query the PIX Manager Simulator.  Ensure the status of the Simulator is "Running"
  5. Perform your query.
  6. You can use menu HL7 messages to find the query & response captured by the tool.
  7. Take a screenshot of your application or your database as a proof of receipt of the query response. Retrieve the permanent link to the transaction instance, and paste that as evidence for this test.
  8. If you support more than one transaction (ITI-9, ITI-45, ITI-84), you should repeat these steps for all you support.


The permanent link captures the message exchange. The screen shot demonstrates that you have successfully processed the received query response(s).