Pre-connectathon tests

IHE has a collection of tools for testing implementations of actors in IHE profiles.  You will find links to all tools for testing IHE profiles and their test descriptions on the complete Index to IHE Test Tools 

The test cases in this section are for a subset of IHE's tools and are organized in the menu at left according to the tool that is used.

User guides for tools associated with these test cases are here:

If you are preparing for a Connectathon, Gazelle for your testing event contains a list of the Pre-Connectathon tests you must perform, customized according to the IHE profiles/actors/options you have registered to test.  You can find your list of pre-Connectathon "Tests to do" in Gazelle under menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing.  (In Europe gazelle is at, and in North America