To prepare for testing the RAD Encounter-based Imaging Workflow (EBIW) Profile, the EBIW actors must prepare to use a common set of DICOM codes. 

  • Encounter Manager:  Please complete the configuration and preparation described below prior to performing any peer-to-peer Connectathon tests for the EBIW profile.
  • Image Manager, Results Aggregator, Modality actors:   There is no work for you to perform, but this test contains a description of the procedures and patients that will be used in peer-to-peer EBIW tests.   You will benefit from reading them prior to the Connectathon. 
  • Modalities:  If you find that the proposed DICOM codes do not adequately match what your application would use, please contact the Connectathon Radiology Technical Manager **well in advance** of the Connectathon so that the set of codes can be expanded to meet your needs.


The codes you need are identified in the peer-to-peer test that you will perform at the Connectathon.

1.  In Gazelle Test Management, find the test "EBIW_10_Read_This_First" on your main Test Execution page.

2.  Read the entire Test Description to understand the test scenario.

3.  For each of the DICOM attributes listed in the Test Description, the Encounter Manager should configure its system to be able to use the values in the bullet lists. This ensures that consistent values will be returned in modality worklist responses for EBIW tests during the Connectathon.



There is no file to upload to Gazelle Test Management for this preparatory test.   If you do not load the codes you need on your test system prior to the Connectathon, you may find yourself wasting valuable time on the first day of Connectathon syncing your codes with those of your test partners.