To prepare for testing the ITI Patient Location Tracking (PLT) Profile, the PLT Supplier, Consumer and Supplier actors must use a common set of HL7 codes. 

We ask these actors to load codes relevant to their system in advance of the Connectathon.



The codes you need are identified in the peer-to-peer test that you will perform at the Connectathon.

1.  In Gazelle Test Management for Europe or North America, find the test "PLT_TRACKING_WORKFLOW" on your main Connectathon page.

2.  Read the entire test to understand the test scenario.

3.  Load the codes for PV1-11 Temporary Patient Location.  These are in a table at the bottom of the Test Description section.


Note:  These codes are are a subset of the HL7 codes used during Connectathon.  If you already performed pre-Connectathon test "PRELOAD_Codes_for_HL7_and_DICOM", then you already have these codes.



There is no evaluation for this 'test'.   If you do not load the codes you need on your test system prior to the Connectathon, you may find yourself wasting valuable time on the first day of Connectathon syncing your codes with those of your test partners.