Profile-specific Connectathon Preparation


Advanced Preparation for EU and NA Connectathons:

In order to make you more efficient at the connectathon, for some profiles we encourage you to do some preparation in advance.  Typically this is done two to three weeks prior to the start of the Connectathon.

  • As a first thing, consider reviewing the test cases you will have to execute.
  • The preparation includes tasks (eg. pre-loading data) that you can do in advance that will save you valuable time during the Connectathon week.  Most of these tasks are documented as preparatory test instances in Gazelle Test Management.
  • The information is organized by domain, profile, actor.
    • If your profile-of-interest does not appear, we are not asking anything special of you for advanced prep.
Laboratory Domain 
LAW  Analyzer, Analyzer Mgr  Please review the value sets below to make sure your system will find codes you understand. Send requests to append codes to Anne-Gaëlle; please include the list of codes + display name + code system (might be LOINC/LN) and the name of the value set to update.

Observation identifiers (used in OBX-3):

Ordering codes - Universal Service Identifiers (used in OBR-4): 
PCC & QRPH domains + C-CDA (Technical Project Mgr: Steve Moore)
CDA-based profiles Content Creators

Review the guidance for CDA doc validation at the connectathon (information for both Connectathon participants and Monitors):

-- Overview of CDA document testing procedure
-- Validation of CDA documents