In this pre-Connectathon test, we will evaluate a sample RAD-3 OMG message produced by your system.

Since CDS-OAT is a new profile, we do not yet have a tool to evaluate the specific requirements for RAD-3 in CDS-OAT, so we will validate your message using:

  • the gazelle EVSclient tool to validate the base requirements for RAD-3
  • and, manual scrutiny of the message for requirement added for compliance to the CDS-OAT profile.

This is the same evaluation we will perform during the Connectathon.  This test enables you to prepare in advance.

  1. Capture a [RAD-3] OMG^019 message as produced by your system.  Create a file containing the contents of that message.
  2. In the EVSclient tool, select menu IHE-->HL7v2.x
  3. Paste a copy of your OMG message into the tool and run the validator for RAD-3 OMG, HL7 v2.5.1.
  4. Find the permanent link to you validation reult
  5. In Gazelle, select menu Connectathon-->Pre-Connectathon testing and find your list of pre-Connectathon by clicking on the link in the "To complete" column
  6. Paste the permanent link to your validation results (from step 4 above) into the chat window for this pre-Connectathon test.
  7. Change the Status of your test to "Verified by vendor"
We examine your message using the same evalution defined in the Connectathon test for this message:
1. in Gazelle, select menu Connectathon-->Connectathon.
2. Find test "RAD-3_with_CDS_Scrutiny" for your test system
3. In the Evaluation section of that test, you will find the message segments and fields that we will look for in your message.