RAD-68 [Provide and Register Imaging Document Set - MTOM/XOP]

This tool provides the possibility to send documents to a repository or a document recipient using the transaction RAD-68
To use this tool you have to :

  • Select your repository configuration or add a new one on the page configurations.
  • Fulfil metadatas of the submissionSet. The patientId of the submissionSet is required.
  • Upload the document(s) to submit, and fulfil IHE metadatas related to the document(s).Uploaded documents shall be dicom KOS Manifest or CDA documents.
  • Click on execute button to send the document(s) to the selected configuration.

RAD-68 transaction is too similar to the ITI-41 transaction, with different metadatas.

For more documentation on how to fulfill the metadatas, please refer to the documentation of ITI-41 transaction.