RAD-69 [Retrieve Imaging Document Set]

This tool provides the possibility to create a valid request according to the transaction RAD-69
The request generated allow to retrieve a DICOM document (or a list of documents), based on informations provided by the KOS Manifest.
To use this tool you have to :

  • Go to menu > > Simulators > IHE [RAD] > XDS-I.b > RAD-69 [Retrieve Imaging Document Set]
  • Select your responder configuration or add a new one on the page configurations.
  • Fulfil metadatas of the request, for each document you are looking for.
  • Click on the button 'execute' to retrieve document(s).

This tool offer the possibility to upload a KOS manifest, and then generate the corresponding soap request to retrieve the DiCOM sop instances.

After clicking on execute button, the soap request is sent, and the result of the request can be seen in the table displayed.