Register Participants to Testing Session

This page describe how to register the participants to a Testing Session. Participants to the testing session are the person who will get a badge an will be able to enter the floor where the testing in taking place. 

Registration of the participants to the Testing Session can only take place when the registration of the systems is over. 

Only the users with the role "vendor_admin" can register participants to the testing session. 


One accesses the participants registration page through the menu Registration -> Testing Session Participants

See the illustration below : 


There are 3 means to register a participant to a testing session :

  1. import from users
  2. import from contacts
  3. add participant

Import from Users

By selecting the button  import from users, one can select the participants to add from the list of registered users for the organization.

Import from Contacts

By selecting the button import from contacts, one can select the participants to add from the list of contacts already declared in Gazelle Test Management tool. Contacts do not need to have a login.

Add Participants

When selecting the button add participants, the users can enter manually all the information about the participant to register.