Registration concepts


In Gazelle, an organization is the entity that is presenting test systems at the Connectathon.

IHE publishes Connectathon results are per organization, thus, the organization name, address, and finanical contact you enter in gazelle is important.


Users and Contacts

A “User” has a login and password to access the gazelle webtool

A “Contact” is a person in your organization who will interact with us in preparation for the connectathon: 

 - Financial Contact (only 1) 

 - Marketing Contact (1 or more) 

 - Technical Contact (1 or more)

A user may, or may not, be a contact

Users and Contacts belong to an Organization


Users Roles

Two levels of users : 

  • Vendor admin role
    • Approves new user accounts for your organization
    • Can edit user and contact information 
    • Can edit organization info (eg address) 
    • Can edit all test system & testing details 
  • Vendor role
    • Can edit all test system & testing details 


In Gazelle, a ‘system’ represents 

  • a set of IHE profiles, actors and options an organization wants to test. 
  • Participate in the testing session as the SUT

Testing Session

Gazelle Test Management can manages multiple testing session. A testing sessions may represent: 

  • Connectathons
  • Internet Testing
  • Projectathons

When a user logs in to Gazelle, the user is viewing information for a single testing session.  Gazelle always "remembers" the last testing session a user was working in.  A user may switch between testing sessions.  How-to instructions are here.