Registration Process


Web registration is performed through the Gazelle Test Management Tool at the following URL:

Web registration allows participants to :

  • Provide administrative information about the company that registers, including location and contact information. In EU, registrant will be asked for the VAT number of the company.
  • Provide information about systems that will participate in the connectathon. For each system the registrant will have to provide the list of actors and integration profiles supported.
  • Provide information about company/organization representative that will participate at the connectathon.
  • Gazelle will check the integrity of the system (are all actor/integration profile dependencies met) for the registrant
  • Gazelle will allow the registrant to generate a contract in the form of a PDF file
  • Registration is complete when the signed contract is returned to the Connectathon sponsor, eg. IHE Europe Technical Project Manager and to the IHE Europe secretariat. Detailed instructions are provided within the generated contract.
  • Online registration that is not followed by the reception of a signed contract is considered a null once the registration deadline is reached

Registration Process

  1. Phase 1 : Company/Organization creation in Gazelle
    1. Create an account for your organization following this link on the gazlle home page
    2. Enter demographics for your organization
    3. Enter contact people (billing, marketing, technical) in gazelle and provide information about your organization.
  2. Phase 2 : Create the systems (How to add a system)
    1. Login in to Gazelle and select the testing session you are targetting : Connectathon or Projectathon
    2. Make sure the selected testing session is the one of interest (see screen capture)
      How to change Testing Session Default
    3. Create the systems (or import systems from previous session) and edit the information about the system (version, name, ...). 
    4. Provide information about the actors and profiles supported by the system (what you would like to test)
    5. Indicate demonstrations you are interested in participating in
    6. Optionally, request Supportive Testing
  3. Phase 3 : Generate the contract 
    1. generate the contract/application
    2. sign contract/application
    3. submit contract/application 
    4. Invoice will be send to your billing contact after the reception of the contract/application (Connectathon only)
  4. Phase 5 : Register connectathon participants 
    1. Login in to Gazelle and select the testing session you are targetting : Connectathon or Projectathon
    2. Visit page : Registration -> Testing Session Participants
    3. Add/Edit participant list

Important notice

In order to ease the registration process :

  • Registrants that participated in a previous connectathon can re-use their gazelle login/password from that connectathon. If you have forgotten your password, gazelle can send you a new one, based on your login or on your email.
  • Systems that tested at a previous connectathon are already preloaded can be "imported" into the current connectathon session. This will avoid re-entering data about systems that were already entered for the previous event.
  • It is not possible to import Configurations or Test Results from previous test sessions.