18 Aug 2011

September 2011

Submitted by Eric Poiseau

This is the first issue of the Gazelle Gazette. The intent of this newsletter is to keep the users of Gazelle of the updates and changes in the tools. Our intent is too regularly provide Gazelle users with news and updates about tools that we are developping. 


  • EVSClient : ajout de la validation des certificats, ajouts de la validation MIF pour les CDA, ajout des CDA de Pharmacy, ajout des validation liés au login (les resultats ne sont plus public lorsque l'on est loggé.

External Validation Services

 EVS Client GUI 2.11 was released

  • Addition of the interface to the Certificate validation service
  • Validations performed when logged in are not anymore public
  • Update of CDA Validation result page to include the display of the MIF validation.

CDA Validation

  • CDA document validation now includes MIF conformance. So we now verify that the CDA document is well-formed, that the document is compliant with the Schema that corresponds to the document (XSD validation), the MIF validation verifies that the content of the document is conformed with the HL7 V3 model, finally the schematron validation checks for the specific business rules required for the document compliance with the profile tested. (Read more ...)



PAM Profile simulators for the PDC and PDS actors

- Simulateur LAB - SVS

- Simulateur PHARM : HMW


Domain Profil Actor Documentation Tool Release notes Roadmap
 ITI PAM PDC/PDS view link    
  XCPD Initiating Gateway view link view view
  XCPD Responding Gateway view  link view view
 LAB LTW Order Result Tracker view link  view  view 

Code Set Master 

Code Set Consumer

view link view  view 

Label Broker

Label Information Provider 

view  link  view  view 



Product Registry

  • 4800 redirections to vendors web site took place so far. 
  • 380 IHE Integration Statement are available for searches. 
  • 90 organizations have now declared their IHE Integration Statement within the IHE Product Registry.
  • 70 visits per week on the average in 2011. The following diagram shows the number of visits per week for the period Jan 1, 2011 - Aug 15, 2011 comparing to the period Jan 1, 2010 - Aug 15, 2010.

Google Analytics view

If you have not yet registered your IHE integration statements in the product registry please do so. Instructions are available there.

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