22 Jan 2013

A simulator for testing PIX available on Gazelle platform

Submitted by aberge

The PatientManager tool from the Gazelle platform has been enriched with a new feature. You will now be able to test your PIX systems against a simulator. Actually, the PatientManager tool now integrates the three actors defined in this profile and is able to act as one of them in the transactions defined by the Patient Identifier Cross-referencing (PIX) integration profile:
  • Patient Identity Management (ITI-30)
  • Patient Identity Feed (ITI-8)
  • Patient PIX Query (ITI-9)
  • PIX Update Notification (ITI-10)
If you want to send messages from your system to the simulator, review the configuration of the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumer and Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Manager actors. If you want the tool to send messages to your system under test, create a new entry for it in the SUT Configuration page.

Documentation about these new features will be updated and made available shortly on Gazelle website at http://gazelle.ihe.net/content/patient-manager
If you encounter any issue when using the tool, do not hesitate to contact Anne-Gaëlle Bergé (anne-gaelle@ihe-europe.net)