Test Instance Workflow

Test Instances Statuses

A test instance can have the following statuses :

  • Running : this is the initial state of a test instance, once the user press on the "Start" button.
  • Paused : A test instance can be paused, and the restarted by the user.
  • Aborted : If the test instance was started per mistake, or is a duplicate of an existing test instance. Then one can abort it. Aborted test instances are not checked by monitors. 
  • To be verified : Once a test instance is completed, the user can set it status to "to be verified". Monitors work list contains test instances with that status.
  • Failed : Based on the evidences and the observation of the logs or the actual run of the test by vendors, a monitor may fail a test. 
  • Verified : A monitor once convinced that the test is successful can mark it as verified
  • Partially verified : If a monitor thinks that a test is incomplete but that their is a chance that the vendor may fix the problem during the test session, then he/she can mark the test as partially verified. 
  • Critical : Sometime toward the end of the connectathon, the project manager activates the "critical" status mode in Gazelle. Monitors verify then the Test instances with the status critical first. 

Test Instances Transitions states

From the Vendor perspective

TI status vendors

From the Monitor perspective

Monitors work on test instances that have one of  the 3 following status:

  1. To be verified, 
  2. Critical or 
  3. Partially Verified.

The output status are : 

  1. Failed
  2. Verified
  3. Partially Verified

TI transitions (monitor)


Complete state diagram for Test Instances 

Transition States for Test Instances