Test Management Components

Testing Session Management

Gazelle Test Management can handle multiple testing sessions. The Multiple Test session can be run in parallel.  Monitor and Systems register for specific testing session. One can select the coverage of the testing session in terms of Domain and/or Profile. One can also specify the type of testing to be performed in a testing session : Pre-Connectathon, Connectathon, Certification.

Users Management

Module for the management of gazelle users and their roles. Handles the users account management: registration, lost password, user information update. Handles the management of the roles of the users.

Users are associated to an organization. .

Contacts Management

Management of the contacts for a participating company. Allows the participating companies to enter contacts within Gazelle. Contacts are mainly used for administrative purposes. Used to identify the financial contact, the contact for marketing questions and the contact for technical questions.

Contacts are NOT required to have a login.

Organizations Management

Management of all organization relative information. This information is mainly for the purpose of the connectathon management. Users, Contacts and Systems belongs to an organization. The module allows the management of the information about the organization : Address, Contacts, VAT information,... Read more...

Contract Management

Component that manages the creation of the contract for testing session participants. Summarize the registration of the participants and create a pdf document based on a template that can be customized for each testing session. This makes use of the jasperreport library. The link to the jasperreport template for the contract definition in a testing session, is specified within the properties of the testing session. One has the choice to enable or disable it for a given testing session. Read more...

Fees Management

Component for the management of invoice (generation of the invoice, based on a template) and estimation of the amount of the fees to be gathered for an event based on participation. Helpful for connectathon management. Invoice generation is dependent of the testing session and as for the contract based on a template that can be specific to a session.  Can be disabled for a given testing session. Read more..

Systems Management

Module for the management of Systems Under Tests (SUT). Manages the registration of the SUT for a testing session. What are the actors, integration profiles and options supported by each SUT. Allow participants to copy system characteristics from one testing session to the other.

Contains a rules engine that checks if the system correctly implements the IHE requirements of dependencies among the actors and profiles.

Tests Management

Modules for the definition of the tests. Test requirements per Actor/Profile/Options. Test script definition : Who are the participants ? What are the instructions for the participants ? What are the steps required to perform the test ?

Proxy Management

Interation with the Proxy component. Control of the proxy, instruct the proxy of the interfaces to open and close for testing purposes. Allow participants to link test instance steps to corresponding messages captured by the proxy.

Simulator Management

Component for the declaration and the management of the simulators that Gazelle uses to perform the tests.

Configuration Management

Management of the configuration of the systems and simulators performing together in a testing session. Knowing that most of the time spend during testing is lost during exchange of configuration parameters, it is essential that Gazelle allows the test participants to correctly and rapidly share configuration informations. That component allows the user to provide the information relative to their own systems. It also allow the test participants to rapidly find the relevant information about their peers in a test.

Monitor Management

Management of the monitors. Monitors are the independent and neutral individuals that check and validate the test performed during a testing session. The component allows the Technical Manager to assign tests to specific monitors. It allows the manager to split the load of test verification among the monitors. Test can be assigned to monitors either test by test, or monitor by monitor

Samples Sharing Management

Module for sharing samples. This component allows registered system to share and find samples. Some system need to provide samples, some need to render them. The component allows the participants to easily find the samples relevant for their systems. The sample sharing module is linked to External Validation Services for checking the conformity of the shared samples. The component makes also use of internal validation services

When relevant, the component module allows sample creators to provide a screen capture of the rendering of their samples. It also allows sample readers to provide a screen capture of the rendering of the sample on their system.

A sample and a test can be linked together. This is usefull in the case of scrutiny test. Read more...

Pre-connectathon Test Management

Allows managers to define the pre-connectathon test : Where to find the tool ? Where to find the documentation ? What actors/profile/options are concerned by the test.

Allows participants to find out what pre-connectathon tests they have to perform, to return corresponding logs and view result of logs grading. Read more...

Connectathon Test Management

Allows the managers to define the tests.

  • What is the purpose of the test ? (assertion tested)
  • What actors/profile/options are concerned by the test ? (test participants including the cardinality for each participants)
  • The scenario of the test (sequence diagram of the interactions between the participants to the test), including the definition of what need to be checked at each step.
  • How many instances of the test are required for a SUT to be declared as successfull to the test.

Allows engineers to find out what test need to be performed by their systems.

Allows engineers to start a test and select its participants (peer system under test or simulators)

Connectathon Test Grading

Module to allow the grading of systems participation during the connectathon. Allows the project managers to review test performed a determine success or not of a system to the participation of a specific actor / integration profile / option combination.

Patient Demographics for Testing Purposes

Module for sharing patients among the participants to a test instance. The module allow generation of simulated patient data using the Demographic Data Server. Generated patient data can be send to a selection of test participants using HL7 V2 or HL7 V3 messages.

Selection of the target is done based on systems configuration as declared in Gazelle. Target can be also configured manually. The component allows the management of multiple patient identification domains. The generated patient are assigned a unique id in the various patient identification domains of the target systems.

Stored data information can be used for validation of messages exchange by test instance participants.

Single Sign On

When enable component of Gazelle Test Management allows user to use a CAS server for their identification. Allows harmonization of the logins among the different applications. All Gazelle simulators also use the CAS login component. JIRA bug tracking system makes also use of it. Read more...

Test Update Notification

The purpose of the Test Update Notification is to reduce the load on the server that is hosting the Gazelle application. It allows connectathon participants to be informed of updates on the test instances that are of concern for them. Instead of refreshing the Gazelle Connectathon Dashboard all the times the participants are informed of new tests instances creation, updates, comments and grading.

Order Manager Binding

This feature is an extension of the Patient Demographic for testing purposes. It allows in addition of the creation of dummy patients, to create encounters and orders for them and send them to test participants. This is useful in the context of preparing the right conditions for a test.  All SUT participating to a test can be aware of the same patient, encounter and order. Read more...

Mobile Test Grading for Monitors

This feature add a webservice front end to Gazelle Test Management in order to allow the grading of the test using a mobile device like a WIFI enabled tablet PC (iPad) or a smart phone (iPhone, android...). Monitors can use their mobile device to scan a QR code on the page of test instance to grade and then directly access the page on their device. Read more...