20 Dec 2012

Test your PIX actors against PatientManager tool

Submitted by aberge

Gazelle team would like to inform you that a new release of the PatientManager is now available online at http://gazelle.ihe.net/PatientManager

You can now enter the configuration of your PIX consumer and PIX cross-reference manager actors to receive messages from Gazelle. Under the PIX menu you will access the three actors defined by the PIX specifications:

  • Patient Identity Source can send all the messages defined in the ITI-30 (Patient Identification Management) and ITI-8 (Patient Identity Feed) transactions
  • Patient Identity Consumer can send QPD messages in the context of the ITI-9 transaction
  • Patient Identity Cross-Reference Manager can send PIX update notifications (ITI-10)

Note that the responder parts have not been implemented yet, this will be part of another release of the application in the coming weeks.