Testing Session

Concept of the Testing Session

Gazelle Test Management can manages multiple testing session. A testing sessions may represent: 

  • Connectathons
  • Internet Testing
  • Projectathons

Testing sessions are created by Gazelle Test Management administrators.

When a user logs in to Gazelle, the user is viewing information for a single testing session.  Gazelle always "remembers" the last testing session a user was working in.  A user may switch between testing sessions.

Selecting a Testing Session

In order to change testing session, log in to Gazelle.  The name of your current testing session is displayed at the top of the screen.

To change testing sessions, select the "Switch" button.

Then select the session of your choice by clicking on the check-mark in the right column and press the "Continue" button on the bottom right of the page

The top of the screen displays the name of the testing session that you have selected.