Testing webservice integration with soapUI in Jenkins (Automated)

Configure the Maven project

The SoapUI project must be added in the code source of the tested program in /src/main/resources/soapui in the ear.

The maven plugin for SoapUI must be added to the pom.xml of the ear. First add the plugin repository :


Then add the plugin :

You need to change projectFile (with the path of your soap ui project file) and Id (in Execution; with the name of the service).


Don’t forget to add the property for version.soapui :


Starting 5.0.0, the plugin use javafx and it can cause an error at the execution. To solve this, I exclude javafx from the dependencies because it is not needed in most cases. If you need it you can switch back to 4.6.4 or try to find a better solution.

You can find the full documentation (including the list of plugin settings and versions of the plugin) on the soapui website : https://www.soapui.org/test-automation/maven/maven-2-x.html

Create a Job in Jenkins

Create a new maven project.

Tick “This project is parameterized” and add a Parameter (I chose Extensible Choice). Name it “endpoint” and select “Textarea Choice Parameter” in “Choice Provider”. In “Choices” put the url of the wsdl that need to be tested. You can add as much as you want.

In Source Code Management tick Subversion and indicate the url of the project from the repository (in my case I put the url of the trunk).

The last thing to do is to configure the build.

You must indicate the path of the pom of the ear (The one where you add the plugin) and not the project one.

In “Goal and options” put : clean com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:5.3.0:test

Change 5.3.0 if you use an other version.