Tips for Connectathon test review


Your Connectathon preparation should include reviewing the tests you will have to run during Connectathon week; you will waste precious time if you read them all for the first time on-site.  While the domain technical project managers may do some final tweaks in the weeks prior to the Connectathon, 95+% are complete from past Connectathons.

Here are some alternatives for review:

(1) Gazelle Test Management menu Connectathon-->Connectathon is the page you will work from on-site at the Connectathon.  It lists every peer-to-peer and no-peer test, customized based on the profile/actors you've registered to test; you can filter the contents by profile, actor…..  We will teach you how to interpret & use this page in webex presentations prior to the Connectathon, but you can use it now to see your tests. Clicking on the name of the test will give you the details.  Within a test, the 'Test Description' tab contains an overview of the test and the evaluation criteria the monitors will use.  The 'Test Steps' tab contains the specific procedure for running the test.

    • Advantages:  you get a customized list based on your registration.  This is the only view where it is easy to see at a glance how many of each test you are required to run.
    • Disadvantages:  this page is used for test execution and was not really designed for test review

(2) Gazelle Tests Management menu Test Lists-->Test List gives you access to all tests in the gazelle database

    • Advantages:  you can see all tests in gazelle & use the filters at the top to find what you want.  You can print tests to PDF from the list w/o going into each test.
    • Disadvantages:  you can see all tests in gazelle.  This can be unwieldy to navigate.

(3) Gazelle Test Management menu Test List -->Manage test requirements

    • Advantages: shows a profile-by-profile view of the tests for each actor, and whether they are R or O
    • Disadvantages:  you can't tell without going into each test how many you have to run


We also have this recorded overview of how to review tests.  While the Gazelle Test Management GUI has been updated since this recording, the process described is identical.


During your review, if you have questions about Connectathon testing expectations for IHE profiles, ask the technical project manager overseeing testing in your domain.  Contact email info is on our Contact Us page.

  • PCC & QRPH domains, plus C-CDA testing:  Steve Moore
  • LAB, PHARM & PATH domains:  unassigned
  • PCD/DEV domain:  Paul Sherman, Michael Kirwan
  • ITI and RAD domains:  Lynn Felhofer
  • CARD domain: unassigned