Usage of Connectathon and PreConnectathon presets

The purpose of this chapter is to explain how to use presets in Gazelle pages where they are available. 

Presets are available for the following page : 

  • Connectathon page
  • Pre-Connectathon page

The aim of the preset is to allow the user to save some filtering configuration and directly load the page with the filtering value set with the saved ones. The intent is double : speed up navigation for the user and reduce the load on the server by avoiding loading all the tests when only a few of them needs to be loaded.

First of all, a preset use cookies,you need to activate them! Normally if you are able to log into the application your brower is already configured to accept cookies

Let's take the PreConnectathon result page for instance, it is ver y similar to the Connectathon page.

You can see in red rectangle the new feature.

Select an organization, add a name to your preset  and clic on save. Your preset is added !

Two fonctions are available:

  1. You can check a box to replace your main PreConnectathon result page. By default, it's none.
  2. You have a list of all of your presets with the name, the possibility to remove it, the current and default page.

You can save up to 4 presets. Once they are all created, you need to remove one before creating a new one.

Now you can click on PreConnectathon results page and the loaded page is your default page :