Use of codes in simulators

Sometimes, we need codes to build messages sent by our simulators. The Sharing Value Set profile defines two actors: the repository within which are stored the codes and the consumer which can perform HTTP or SOAP queries to obtain a list of codes from a given value set.

A value set is a set of codes named "concepts" and identified by a unique OID. This page (here) gathers all the value sets contained in the gazelle SVS Repository. Each concept is defined by three values:

  • Code
  • DisplayName
  • CodeSystem

A SVS repository is under development, and by now it is able to reply to HTTP queries (ITI-48 case). This IHE transaction defines a mean to retrieve a value set by giving at least its id. The language and the version. Our implementation also enables the user to retrieve a concept at random from a given value set. You can also retrieve a concept thanks to its code attribute and the value set id.

Two classes have been implemented in simulator-common-ejb to help you with retrieving codes when you require ones. The first class represents the Concept (three attributes are declared: code, displayName, and codeSystem) and the second one, named SVSConsumer implements three static methods:

  • getRandomConceptFromValueSet: returns a Concept object randomly extracted from the given value set
  • getConceptsListFromValueSet: returns the list of Concept objects gathered in the given value set
  • getDisplayNameForGivenCode: returns the displayName of a given code for a given value set

NB. Do not forget to add the application configuration value : svs_repository_url. If not, the system will create it with the default value