5 Jul 2012

Validation of HL7v2.x messages

Submitted by aberge

Inria HL7v2.x validator tool developed within Gazelle platform has been refactored and renamed. Gazelle HL7v2.x validator is now available at http://gazelle.ihe.net/GazelleHL7v2Validator.

We still have the two tools running but we have planned to drop the former service from our server by the end of August. As a consequence, I would invite you to read the documentation at http://gazelle.ihe.net/content/GazelleHL7v2Validator and to update your applications if they are using the web service API.

This new application:

  • provides a SOAP webservice to validate HL7v2 messages against HL7 message profiles
  • logs received validation requests so you can retrieve them. We have imported all the validation requests performed until today at noon. When closing the old service, we will imported the other ones.
  • contains the HL7 message profiles (previously available in InriaHL7MessageProfileRepository) so you can browse them and download them

If you encounter any issues when using the new service or if you encounter errors in the message profiles, please fill a bug report at http://gazelle.ihe.net/jira/browse/HLVAL